Saturday 19 April 2014
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Being promoted to a managerial role comes with new responsibilities requiring skills that are often, through no fault of their own, poorly developed or lacking in the individual. Certain management skills may not have been required until now, hence individuals in these new roles take time to adjust and often have fundamental questions about what exactly is expected from their new role.

This book provides a thorough introduction and advice on the essential principles of management: leadership, motivation, discipline, time management, building trust, managing groups and conducting appraisals. The skill-based learning tool and best-practice guide is now in its fifth edition, completely revised and updated with eleven new chapters to give a fully up to date resonance in today's busy managerial market.

The First-Time Manager covers the management fundamentals with insights and advice being drawn from examples and discussions to illustrate and highlight key topical areas. These include:

  • Developing an effective management style
  • Team-building skills
  • Building trust and confidence
  • Performance appraisals
  • Improving self-discipline
  • Maintaining perspective with work / life balance

For new managers seeking advice in an accessible format or the established manager looking for a refresher, The First-Time Manager's success lies in its ability to apply key principles of management in a focused and meaningful way. Building on positive advice, instead of dwelling on pitfalls, the book flows conversationally to form both a light and readable guide with intelligent and insightful richness.

By: Loren B. Belker, Gary S. Topchik

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