Thursday 17 April 2014
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1.  What is AIM? AIM is not the American, AOL Instant Messenger but rather Africa Institute of Management.  Africa's leading and one-stop center for Professional Management Training and Experience.  The details about who we are can be found under the ‘About Us’ tab on the home page address bar.

  1. Who qualifies to train at AIM? AIM offers a wide range of training programmes suitable for university students and post graduate professionals in the market place.  Depending on the Training Needs Assessment (TNA), AIM will design a package to cater for every trainees need.

  1. How long are the courses? AIM offers a number of short professional courses ranging from one to four (1-4) weeks.  The duration may change for online training programmes and long distance correspondence trainings.  The programmes in this case may be shortened of lengthened depending on the trainees need.

  1. Can I choose a destination from where to do the training? Yes, AIM conducts trainings for the all the off-shelf programmes in different countries so the trainee reserves the choice of where to study.

  1. Is it possible to change the training venue? Yes it is before the start of the training as explained in Qn. 4 above.

  1. What are the modes of payment? AIM accepts the following payments; direct transfer,cash, cheque and credit card. In the event that a trainee has wants to make payment through another mode, it should be communicated to the AIM Accounts team through the ‘contact us tab’ on the home page.

  1. Is it possible to train online or long distance correspondence? Yes it is, AIM readily offers on-line and long distance correspondence programmes.

  1. Who conducts the training? Are they qualified? Over the years, AIM has put together a team of highly qualified professionals with Masters and PHDs in their respective training disciplines.  Most of the training facilitators have a background of lecturing at various universities for a good number of years.  This such a wealth of knowledge and hands one experience in training, AIM has managed to keep ahead of the rest in offering quality Management Training in a resource rich environment.

  1. What qualification do I get at the end of the training? AIM is accredited to offer internationally recognized management training certificates.

  1. I want to be a professional Trainer; can I attain these skills at AIM?  AIM offers a special training programme called the “Trainer of Trainers” from where you can readily acquire hands-on professional training and communication skills.

  1. Does AIM conduct after training support and coaching? The AIM management training approach includes on-job coaching and end user support for all trainees.  These programmes are offered on demand by the trainees as and when the need arises within an agreed period of time which normally doesn't exceed 12 months.  After that period, all trainees are advised to subscribe for AIM membership to access various training resources remotely.

  1. What else do I get from AIM after training?  After training with AIM (Which many trainees enjoy), you will get after training support and coaching as shown in No. 11 above.

  1. Does AIM offer on-job group trainings and workshops? Yes, AIM offers on-job individual and corporate tailored training programmes and workshops.

  1. In what languages apart from English is the training done?  In Swahili and French at request.  Please be advised that terms and conditions will apply depending on the nature of the request.

  1. Are there jobs available at AIM? Yes, please check our Careers page under the ‘About Us’ tab on the address bar of the home page.

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