Wednesday 23 April 2014
I enjoyed my training and experience at AIM PDF Print E-mail

I would like to personally extend my profound gratitude to the
Directors and Management of the Institute for the homely stay we had
in Uganda. You made our stay to be shorter than expected because of
the way you arranged the training programme. I enjoyed my three weeks
stay in your country because you really cared for us by taking us to
various places of interest in your country. God bless you and AIM for
Let me particularly point out that I have achieved the purpose of
participating in the short course (Practical Skills for trainining
Managers in Human Resource Management). I for one, am professionally
biased towards Capacity Building-specifically training but I have
gained enormous knowledge and skills in Human Resource Management. As
a Manager, this is valuable knowledge which I can confidently say
"will be put into use". The additional knowledge in training will
sharpen my skills for the profession I am in currently.

Thanks to AIM for the training package (laptop) and gifts showered on
us during our "graduation". Continue to serve others the same way you
did to us. Lastly, extend my regards to son of Bob (Bobson), Yourself,
Christen, Ashley, Jane, the presiding Director for graduation and the
Humble Emmanuel.

May the the loving God be with AIM as it grows into a big Institution
of great recognition in Africa.

I know God will make it possible that we should meet again.


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