Wednesday 16 April 2014
Super accelerator of particles retrieved in October PDF Print E-mail

Will we again hear theories of Revelation of the human race?Was on vacation earlier, with the fear that controversial super particle accelerator at CERN was retrieved and the land suffered a devastation caused by a black hole? Actually the super particle accelerator is again ready to open new paths to knowledge. According to a source from the Associated Press, the "pet project" of CERN, will only be activated in October, after the European scientists have conducted a series of tests and have implemented more security measures.

The promoters claim to have been put in place security measures, so as not to repeat the failures. These failures undermined the project just nine days after being launched with great pomp and circumstance. The repair, maintenance and introducing more safety measures in the particle accelerator, will cost the European research institution CERN something like 27 million over the next few years. Please note that once operational the super particle accelerator will "crush" protons from hydrogen atoms in a circular underground tunnel on the border between Switzerland and France near Geneva region.  With this experiment, the scientists will better understand the origin of the universe and all its structure. Will we again hear theories of Revelation of the human race?

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